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Diamond Approach

The Diamond Approach is a path of self-realization and actualization leading to spiritual maturity, as well as to inner freedom. This freedom expresses itself in our lives and in our experiences of aliveness, presence, love, joy, fulfillment and intimacy with ourselves and with others.  This path differs from many other spiritual paths in that it recognizes the uniqueness of each individual’s soul and guides each person according to their unique soul’s expression and unfoldment.  

Drawing upon both spiritual and psychological insights, the Diamond Approach offers a path and spiritual teaching for people who live ordinary lives and who want to learn to re-connect with and to live from their deepest spiritual nature.  It is a path that is evolving in our time and consequently, is appropriate for our time.  It is based on the teachings of Hameed Ali, who writes under the pen-name of A. H. Almaas and is taught within the Ridhwan School, a spiritual work school.  Students work with individual teachers of the Diamond Approach, who function as guides.  
The main practice of the Diamond Approach is open-ended inquiry into our moment-to-moment, personal experience.  Students are guided and supported to be open, curious, non-judgmental, and allowing of their unfolding process, as well as in a state of “not knowing” and without preferences as they explore and sense into their present moment experience.  Various meditations and body-sensing practices also are utilized to support inquiry.  The soul, which loves to know/express the truth, in following will the truth will find its way “home”—remembering its true nature, claiming its birthright and embodying its essential nature.  
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