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My Work: Integral Healing

I offer a holistic, process-oriented approach to self-healing and transformation, which I call Integral Healing and Living. This is a way of naturally unfolding our inherent health, wholeness and human capacities, innately transforming from within, integrating body, mind, soul and spirit, and authentically being in the world as who and what we truly are. This unique approach integrates many complementary modalities and practices that I am a practitioner/facilitator of and yet these are offered in a manner distinct and specific to the needs and guidance of each person:


  • BodySoulBreathWork

  • Trauma Resolution Work

  • Authentic Movement Work

  • Early Attachment Re-patterning

  • Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

  • Pre- and Perinatal Trauma Resolution Work

  • Relational Work, Recovery Work and Life Work


Common to all of these integral practices is a deep and unwavering trust in the inherent healing wisdom and optimizing movement toward health, well-being and wholeness within each of us—which is our original “blueprint” or human design.  It is this wisdom and movement of spirit that guides the authentic unfoldment of the body and the soul. Consequently, your process will be supported as it arises naturally and organically from an attitude of allowing, accepting and being with — honoring that the “healer/teacher is within.”


My primary role will be to facilitate — which literally means “to make easier” — as you explore your direct and immediate experience more deeply and more completely. As facilitator/guide, I will encourage you to trust your own innate wisdom, to connect with your own inner guidance, and to follow your own authentic impulses, sensations, feelings, and movements, as well as your own realizations.


Working from a partnership model, my deepest intention is to offer my unconditional presence, reverent witnessing, accurate mirroring, deep listening, honest and respectful feedback, and skillful, yet non-interfering facilitation as needed and negotiated. This is to make is easier for you to stay with yourself and your experiences, as well as with the direct understandings that emerge as part of your process. Together, we will invite this organic unfoldment through the mutual practice of presence, curiosity, moment-to-moment experiencing, sensing, tracking, inquiring, exploring and relating.


Many find this deep, holistic, process-oriented approach to self-healing and bodysoul work to be a beneficial adjunct to psychotherapy, 12-step recovery, and other forms of healing work, as well as a complement to spiritual practice, such as meditation and spiritual inquiry. Individual sessions are generally 1-1½ hours in length. Longer sessions may be scheduled based on specific needs and intentions.  Contact me to explore further how this work might support you in your current life situation, healing challenge, or process of personal unfoldment.




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