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Pre and Perinatal

In the process of incarnating (coming from formlessness into form—into embodiment and into the world), distinct impressions occur within the body and the soul, creating lasting imprints in our physiology, as well as our psyche. These impressions/imprints affect our future experiences, and influence our development in every area of our lives — physical, mental, emotional, relational, and spiritual. I facilitate working with pre- and perinatal impressions/imprints for those who want to explore how these patterns of experience may be affecting their life, health, relationships, and/or spiritual development, as well as for those who have experienced very early prenatal and birth trauma and shock. This approach incorporates the use of inquiry, somatic awareness and experiencing, and biodynamic craniosacral therapy. In addition, it is deeply informed by the work of Ray Castellino in prenatal & birth therapy, with whom I have trained and continue to learn from.


The “impulse” for this work comes from my own prenatal experience of life-threatening shock and trauma and has been unfolding in my personal and professional work for several decades as I have explored my own imprints very deeply and precisely. This pre- and perinatal work is not separate from my larger work in Integral Healing & Living, but rather an area of specialization within it. It is “held” within the same collaborative, process-oriented paradigm as my larger work, which supports and facilitates being with what arises spontaneously within the field of our experience as an exploration and an inquiry.


Likewise, this work is facilitated by following, gently guiding and supporting the unfolding process, rather than leading or directing.  Also, I am continuously orienting to your original “blueprint” of health and wholeness, while we are exploring imprints. The primary distinction in the pre-and perinatal work is that it often involves the use of specific intentions — which serve as a sort of “radar” to help focus consciousness in relation to the issues being explored (ex. preconception, conception, gestation, birth, medical/surgical interventions, relationaland family dynamics, bonding and attachment, ancestral issues, intergenerational trauma, life threatening experiences, etc.).


Also, it utilizes an understanding of the trauma vortex, and the principles of titration, pendulation, resourcing, pacing, while maintaining interpersonal contact. The primary skills that we develop and practice together include: practicing of presence, orienting to the original “blueprint” of health/wholeness, slowing down the process, dropping into a slower/deeper rthymm, tracking (somatic, energetic, emotional, symbolic, direct knowing), developing internal and external resources, contracting, developing the capacity for contactfulness, identifying and naming prenatal and birth issues, exploring relevant history (in small amounts), processing feelings around these issues, and recognizing the way prenatal and birth impressions and imprinting affects one’s perception of reality, language, movement, relationships, life path, life work, and process of realization.


Individual sessions generally are 90 minutes in length. Longer sessions may be scheduled based on individual needs and intentions. Also, a pre- and perinatal process group may be offered once a year for eight weeks, for those who want to explore these issues within a small group container. Groups are limited to six people. Contact me to explore possibilities for individual and small group work, as well as for additional resources.



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